Last week I shared some shots of a bouquet of tulips.  Time passes.  There’s no stopping it.  Those flowers bought a lot of light and colour into our house.  But they’ve faded.

I don’t want to make this blog into a chronicle of the hard times we face.  Photography is, in general, something that lifts me from pain and worry.  An image may be worth a thousand words, but to me it’s also a world away.  A holiday.

But we have been mired in illness.  The sheer unfairness of the whole thing is increasingly heavy.  Every hour spent trying to maintain a rather rickety barricade.  Last night, when scrolling through tracks on Deb’s iPod, my eyes rested on She is Suffering.  Just those words hurt.

And so the tulips fade and I’ve not had the chance to dump them.  But I did have five minutes to take these.  And that means that there’s all the hope in the world.


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