When I started this blog, I knew that I might have to take unexpected breaks.  But I had underestimated the embarrassment I’d feel.  This was magnified by the popularity of my last post – something which I still find somewhat baffling.  But I’m very grateful for the attention.

Since I last wrote, life has moved on and some of the biggest fears of February have abated.  We weathered Doris and I revelled in meals cooked over our small fire.  Winter blues have moved towards Spring greens.  Even Deb’s After Midnight has morphed into Enchanted Forest (photos sure to follow).  A million bulbs are exploding in the garden and the blackbirds have started sparring.

And so, here are the photos I’ve had in my head for the last month.  Or longer, given that we harvested these Nigella seed pods last Autumn.  They have been drying on a windowsill for months.  And all that time I’ve been thinking about their creeping tendrils and nodding heads.  They remind me of the kind of haunted dolls you find in horror films.  Or some new species of Triffid.

Did they just move…?



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