Spring Rise

When learning about time and the twice yearly changing of the clocks we were taught to remember “Spring rise, Autumn fall”.  The clocks go forward in the spring time, and retreat back in the autumn.  And things are definitely bounding forward now the spring has hit.  We’re now in the fourth month of the year and our garden has already seen some blooms come and go.  The cherry blossom is fading and the tulips are at their zenith.

We love bulbs.  Just yesterday I found out that the Star of Bethlehem we’re carefully cultivating in our lawn are considered a terrible weed in much of the US.  We actually bought additional bulbs online…  But then, we’ve never been afraid of weeds here.

This is often an overwhelming time to try to take photos.  There are so many subjects, but there’s a huge risk of just creating the same old images.  Deb’s very carefully chosen plants to challenge me to take new photos and I’m really enjoying it.  And there’s lots more to come.

I hope you enjoy the photos and that they mirror the rising up around you.


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