Happy Easter

I’ve said it before and will no doubt say it again – I’m no wildlife photographer.  This despite the fact that my first attempts with a camera were almost exclusively motivated by the bluetit who came each day to take peanuts from a feeder in the garden.  That was using a compact 35mm camera on a little tripod.  The results were…what you might expect from a 13 year old with no knowledge and the wrong equipment.  If only I’d had my DSLR, a little more light and a subject willing to sit on the bench directly outside our bedroom window, then I might have ended up with something a bit more like these.

Happy Easter everyone.  And if you’re wondering what this little robin chick is doing in the second photo, my guess is that he’s been following all this talk about nuclear war and has come up with the only sensible strategy.

Here’s to the continued survival of baby robins, spring time and the planet in general!


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